Customer Satisfaction is our Passion




Innovation means taking big leaps forward. It means stepping up and pushing beyond what comes easy.


Refined craftsmenship plays a fundamental role in Jera Innovation's success and we remain committed to ensuring excellence from start to finish.


Jera Innovations is focused on providing you a positive experience.  This is accomplshed through a select team of craftsmen who strive to deliver excellence in service for your primary residence, commercial building, educational / care facility or rental unit. 

Continuous improvement is achieved by ensuring open communication, use of quality materials and the implementation of lean principles to drive down cost and meet and exceed on time, on budget targets.

Our dedicated team will listen to your "To Do's" and " Need to Do's " then present the most economical solution for all phases of your project. 

By aligning our services to your individual needs in renovation, restoration and repairs we meet the goals of project requirements and will prioritize tasks necessary to preserve and enhance your home, investment property or facilities.   


  • We provide a select range of services specializing in  trim, doors, crown moulding, drywall, tile setting, paint and flooring. 

  • Century home restoration and task specific challenges in meshing traditional old world charm with the latest trends in design and materials.

These key elements can dramatically change the look of your home and offer pride of ownership throughout.

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